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Below are IELTS and CAE essay examples submitted by users.

The writing examples below are written by students just like you. The best way to master CAE and IELTS writing is to practice and to learn from mistakes (yours and those of others).

Essay Examples:

IELTS Writing Task 2

Corporate sponsorship in sports
Increasing crime levels
21st Century
Extreme Sports
Practical skills and knowledge
Difference in Salaries
Second-hand goods
Video Games and Children Nowadays
Buying New or Repairing Old
Job Application and the Elderly
Wealth and Technology
Children with Disabilities
Art or Sports?
Socially Responsible Businesses
Children’s Choice
Technology and Communication
Danger of Extreme Sports
21st Century Optimism
Children and Responsibilities
Online Learning
Science in Schools
Roads or Railways
Online Education
Driving Age
Culture Against Technology
Writing Letters
Society and its Attitude to Consumption
High Salaries
Corporate Sponsorship
History as a Subject
Art and Music

CAE Writing

CAE Writing Part 1: Preparing for Working Life
CAE Writing Part 1: Preparing for Working Life II
CAE Writing Part 1: Time Abroad
CAE Writing Part 1: Time Abroad II
CAE Writing Part 1: Helping Immigrants
CAE Writing Part 1: Helping Immigrants II
CAE Writing Part 1: Helping Immigrants III
CAE Writing Part 1: Life and Technology
CAE Writing Part 1: Money from Authorities
CAE Proposal: Flexible Working Day
CAE Proposal: Preserving the Old Academy Building
CAE Proposal: Hobby Club
CAE Essay: Technology in Our Life
CAE Essay: Living in Cities

IELTS Writing Task 1

IELTS Diagram: Wave Energy

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