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This section is dedicated to various English exam tips and techniques. It will also hold various articles that do not belong to any particular exam and are useful for any test-taker.


Which versus That: Relative Clauses

Choosing between 'which' and 'that' isn't always intuitive. It all comes down to whether you're using a defining or non-defining clause. It sounds a bit confusing, it is explained in ...
English dictionaries

Best English Dictionaries

A good English dictionary is the first thing you'll need to prepare for your exam. Your vocabulary becomes extremely important in Speaking and Writing sections of IELTS (or CAE). Reading ...
IELTS self-study

IELTS self-study — pros and cons

The main question when preparing for your IELTS exam is whether to self-study or seek help of a teacher. Both self-preparation and studying with tutors are viable ways to get ...

Improve Your English: 7 Easy Steps

Do you think you need to improve your English and you don't know where to begin? Here are 7 aspects of English that you could improve to speak and write with ...
writing mistakes

6 Common Writing Mistakes

The Writing aspect of certification exams tends to be the most difficult of the four. Students scores are 10-15% lower than in the other aspects. To avoid making typical writing ...
speaking mistakes

5 Common Speaking Mistakes

There is nothing easier than going wrong with the Speaking section of your exam. There are many speaking mistakes that are too easy to make. Know these simple pitfalls to ...
IELTS Speaking example

IELTS Speaking Example (Band 7)

The best way to learn is to observe others and learn from their experience. We will be using this video of a woman (her name is Sawson) doing the IELTS ...
an open book with visible binding seam

How to increase vocabulary

To have good vocabulary is probably the most important thing in spoken and written English. To know the right word at the right moment is important. In fact, it is ...

Articles in English

Today we cover the basic rules of using articles in English as well as the more advanced and less known cases of English articles. All the rules and exceptions come ...
formal and informal

Formal and Informal Vocabulary

This entry is about differences in vocabulary of formal and informal styles. For general differences, see this article. Both formal and informal vocabulary can be found in all spheres of ...

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