IELTS and CAE Practice Tests

IELTS, CAE and FCE Practice Tests

Here you can find free IELTS, CAE and FCE practice tests for Listening, Reading and Use of English sections that you can download as PDF, print or browse online. Answer keys have explanations and a short vocabulary. practice tests are perfect for self-preparation.

IELTS, CAE and FCE reading sample tests have a short vocabulary at the end to help you with the unknown words and phrases. Remember that the actual exams provide you with no vocabulary or dictionary. Be advised  that we only have IELTS Academic Readings tests, with no General Reading currently available.

IELTS Listening Practice Tests :: Printable PDF 
IELTS Reading Practice Tests :: Printable PDF
IELTS Writing Topics
IELTS Writing Samples

CAE Reading and Use of English Practice Tests :: Printable PDF
CAE Listening Practice Tests :: Printable PDF
CAE Speaking Part 1 Examples
CAE Speaking Part 2 Examples
CAE Speaking Part 3 Examples

FCE Listening Practice Tests :: Printable PDF
FCE Reading and Use of English Practice Tests :: Printable PDF
FCE Speaking Part 2 Examples
FCE Use of English Part 1 Practice

User-submitted writing samples

If you’re having difficulties with the test check IELTS and CAE sections to learn how to get higher score. And remember – the best way to prepare for your exam is to buy official preparation materials and participate in specialised preparation programs. Learn more about IELTS and CAE preparation from the official IELTS and CAE sources.

59 thoughts on “IELTS, CAE and FCE Practice Tests”

  1. In section 3 of IELTS “Practice Listening test 4” the correct answers (to 21&22) A and E are marked as incorrect ones.

  2. Thanks for the opprtunity to prepare for the exam.
    Would you be so kind to publish Answer Keys for FCE Reading and Use of English Practice Test 7? The link is incorrect.

  3. Keep up the good work. So many books and sources are out there and still can’t quite compete with your website.

  4. Hello,
    FCE listening 12, in the text about “Museum director”, in question 10 if I write just “lighting” or “lights” it points out that answer is incorrect. Maybe it needs to be an “or” operation instead of “/”.

  5. Hello, Mariam!
    Thank you for pointing that out! For some reason I had “lightning” set as one of the correct answers. You know, the bright beams of electricity that go zap during thuderstorms 🙂 However, “lights” does work for me as a correct answer.

  6. Hi dear,

    We are an online English academy that would love to use your listening audio files for one of our courses. We would like to know if could use them. We can add links to your webpage if you want to.


  7. Hello Jordi!
    Feel free to use the materials or refer to them – I just want to clarify that they do not belong to me, most of them were produced by folks at Cambridge 🙂

  8. Hi, thanks for the info.
    I was checking in his website and the terms of use weren’t clear so I wasn’t sure if I can use them.

  9. Hey , I wanted to know if you have FCE writinh tests here for practising, and if so, Do u know anyone who could correct them , because I have an exam of Thrusday and I really need to practice my writing skills

  10. Hello,. I’m having some problems. I’m doing the IELTS academic reading practice test, the online ones and when I finish the questions I press CHECK YOUR ANSWERS. Then I compare it with the answers from the answer sheet. The problem is that my answers are exactly like the ones from the sheet but it says to me that my answers are not correct.
    Is this a problem with the website or mine?
    thanks everyone

  11. Hi,
    I did the FCE Reading and Use of English Practice Test 1, and even though my result was 63/70, it tells me that “Your current Listening performance is not good enough to get a FCE certificate”.
    Out of curiosity, I tried to redo the test by entering all the correct answers, but it keeps saying that my result is insufficient. Furthermore, listening performance is mentioned while the test was about reading and use of English.

  12. Hi, I’m Marcos Catana. I wrote a comment last week about the mark checking. It’s happening In all the reading tests and it’s happening now with the listening test as well.
    Thanks for your reply

  13. Marcos, I have manually checked every single Reading Practice Test and the correct answers are registered as they should be. I will look into the listening part as well. Presently I’m not sure what could be causing this problem on your end.

  14. Hey, I was recently practising Key word Transformation ( part 4 ,use of english Fce) and I noticed that even though I wrote the correct answers, the page keeps telling me that they are wrong, so I can’t get the accurate mark at the practice test. Do you have any idea of what the problem might be?

  15. Amelia, could you please specify the test numbers where the problem occurs so that I could look into it?

  16. Thanks for your feedback, Amelia. I have gone through each Part 4 test – there seemed to be a slight error in treating contractions (e.g. “didn`t” and “didn’t” weren’t treated the same, the latter would normally be seen as a mistake – I have fixed that now). There was another code inaccuracy in Test 3 that prevent correct answers to be registered, I have fixed that as well. Hopefully I have addressed all the faults for now 🙂

  17. In section 7 of FCE “Reading ad Use of English Practice Test”, test 2, number 43 and 50 show an uncorrect explanation

  18. In part 1 of FCE “Reading and Use of English Practice Test”, test 3, number 1 is badly written while number 3, “carried, is marked as uncorrect but it isn’t

  19. In FCE “Reading and Use of English Practice Test”, test 5, part 4 I can’t press the check-answer button

  20. In Part 4 of FCE “Reading and Use of English Practice Test 2”, number 26: is “buy everything apart from” also correct?

  21. In part 4 of FCE “Reading and Use of English Practice Test”, test 6, number 27, the right answer is marked as uncorrect

  22. In part 4 of FCE “Reading and Use of English Practice Test”, test 8, number 29, the right answer is marked as uncorrect.Moreover, in number 26, is “old” necessary?

  23. In part 4 of FCE “Reading and Use of English Practice Test”, test 9, number 27, the right answer is marked as uncorrect

  24. Hello, Alejandro. Currently, we have no such plans as these don’t seem to be in much demand. We might look into this later though!

  25. Hi,
    First of all, thanks so much for sharing this material. It is a hugely useful resource for myself and my students. Lately though we notice that the links on the Practice Tests tab to IELTS, FCE and CAE (the coloured ones) are no longer working. To access the tests we are having to click in roundabout ways to access the tests. Can you help?

  26. Hello,
    I cannot access to the Practice Tests. Is there anyone here who is having the same problem?

    Thank you very much,

  27. Thanks for pointing that out! We have resolved the issue, we tested it and seems to be working fine. Please let us know of any further issues!

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