IELTS and CAE Practice Tests

IELTS and CAE Practice Tests

Here you can find free IELTS, CAE and FCE practice tests for Listening, Reading and Use of English sections that you can download as PDF, print or browse online. Answer keys have explanations and a short vocabulary. practice tests are perfect for self-preparation.

IELTS, CAE and FCE reading sample tests have a short vocabulary at the end to help you with the unknown words and phrases. Remember that the actual exams provide you with no vocabulary or dictionary.

User-submitted writing samples

If you’re having difficulties with the test check IELTS and CAE sections to learn how to get higher score. And remember – the best way to prepare for your exam is to buy official preparation materials and participate in specialised preparation programs. Learn more about IELTS and CAE preparation from the official IELTS and CAE sources.

6 thoughts on “IELTS and CAE Practice Tests”

  1. In section 3 of IELTS “Practice Listening test 4” the correct answers (to 21&22) A and E are marked as incorrect ones.

  2. Thanks for the opprtunity to prepare for the exam.
    Would you be so kind to publish Answer Keys for FCE Reading and Use of English Practice Test 7? The link is incorrect.

  3. Keep up the good work. So many books and sources are out there and still can’t quite compete with your website.

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