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FCE Listening Practice Test 4

Part 2

You will hear someone talking about the sport of elephant polo. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

Elephant Polo

Elephants are 9 animals and so they enjoy elephant polo tournaments.
The 10 of a goal in elephant polo is the same as in football.
A player and an elephant 11 both sit on each elephant.
It is against the rules for the elephants to use their trunks to 12 the ball.
A total of 13 elephants are required for a game to take place.
The participants are in action for a total of 14 during each game.
The stick used in the game is both 15 .
The elephants sometimes want to 16 in front of a goal.
An elephant with a bad 17 will be taken out of a game.
African elephants are not used because 18 cause a problem.

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