FCE Listening Practice Test 4

Part 4

You will hear Leonie Steiner talking to an interviewer about her work as a music teacher in a school. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. What does James say about the radio station he started?
A Its name was very appropriate.
B It was more popular than he had expected.
C It was not very expensive to run.

25. What does James say about people’s attitudes towards his age?
A They were nicer to him when he was 12 than when he was 16.
B They were more jealous of him when he was 12 than when he was 16.
C They expected more of him when he was 16 than when he was 12.

26. James says that his career in music has included
A taking over a local radio station.
B making advertisements.
C setting up new festivals.

27. What do we learn about advertising on James’ TV channel?
A There isn’t any of it.
B It always includes music.
C It doesn’t interrupt the programmes.

28. What does James say about the people interviewed on the channel?
A They have to say something interesting.
B They enjoy being interviewed.
C They often say unexpected things.

29. What does James say about his ideas?
A Some of them are not very realistic.
B He expects to have good ones all the time.
C He makes sure that he doesn’t forget them.

30. James’s advice to listeners who might want to go into business is to
A forget about past problems.
B learn from past mistakes.
C take big risks.

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