CAE Writing Part 1: Time Abroad II -

CAE Writing Part 1: Time Abroad II

What are the benefits to a country from people spending time abroad?

– business
– culture
– understanding

Choose two of the areas in your notes. You should explain why the areas are important and provide reasons in support of your answer.

Research has proven that it is beneficial for countries when tourists spend time abroad. Not only is it liberating to experience a variety of areas in a new kingdom such as the local businesses, different cultures and one’s overall understanding of a different way to live, but it also enables a country to grow.

Firstly, financial institutions gain a great deal when people explore their interests in a new environment. This is evident as the economy will suffer tremendously if tourists are unwilling to spend their savings in order to satisfy their interests, thus, leading to a lower income which will affect the remuneration of employees. Furthermore, workers will opt to seek out other opportunities, depriving (1) a country financially. With that said, it is crucial for travellers to immerse themselves in a country as it will support the local enterprises and even provide more employment opportunities for citizens.

In addition, it is apparent that introducing your nation’s cultures to the minds of travellers is the key of exploring a new country. For instance, introducing a country’s cultures to tourists will allow them to explore new traditions, taste new foods and educate themselves about something bigger than their own world. Ultimately, resulting in the attraction of a multitude of tourists. When a country is able provide travellers with a feeling of belonging the word will spread, hence, allowing a nation to keep abreast with its fellow competitors.

In conclusion, I am of the opinion that tourism is the bedrock for any growing nation. It has proven to be beneficial to different areas in a country. Inviting travellers to be a part of a nation enables it to exceed the expectations of what it was initially set out to be.

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