CAE Writing Part 1: Helping Immigrants II -

CAE Writing Part 1: Helping Immigrants II

Your class has watched a television documentary about the benefits of helping immigrants to integrate into their local communities.

Choose two of the areas in your notes. You should explain why the areas are important and provide reasons in support of your answer.

Nowadays immigration is one of the most controversial issues in the modern world. While some areas are considered to be nice places for living due to the culture diversity, others tend to be less welcoming for immigrants because of many problems arising with their arrival. Anyways, all immigrants do not feel confident in the new environment and it is very important to help them accommodate and adapt.

Language can be the greatest barrier while moving to another country, so many people would need professional help in this case. I believe that language courses have to be provided at lower expenses for the immigrants. First of all, they might not have enough money to afford the normal price due to moving costs. In addition, the long-term benefits from knowing the local tongue can be brought if some of them are skilled workers.

In case the government doesn’t have enough money to provide lower fees to immigrants, it is possible to make them feel better by respecting their culture and perhaps giving them some tips on how to not seem ridiculous in some sort of situations because behaviour patterns might vary a lot especially if immigration is happening across the globe and requires communication with people of different religions.

Both points discussed in this essay will make immigrants’ life easier and less stressful and, moreover, show the host country as a welcoming and nice place to settle down in.

(237 words)

This is a great example of a well-balanced essay. The points are sufficiently developed in a straightforward, easy to understand structure. Both lexis and grammar are sufficiently varied with no evident mistakes or inaccuracies (as far as I can tell). There is no word or structure repetition across the text and the author is consistent with their register.