FCE Listening Practice Test 12

Part 2

You will hear a museum director called Carl Halford talking about the museum where he works. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

Museum director

Carl says that the museum was last renovated in the year 9 .
Carl says that improvements in the 10 in museums often goes unnoticed.
There are now a total of 11 exhibits which visitors can see in the museum.
The exhibits are now arranged according to their 12 .
One of Carl’s favourite pieces is a 4,500-year-old cup with a design of a 13 on the bottom.
Carl describes a strange farm model in the museum that features 14 and a farmer.
Some visitors to the museum are frightened by the 15 of one large statue.
Carl also describes a vase which shows a man fighting with a 16 .
Carl finds it surprising that one of the coins in the museum has such 17 decoration.
One simple exhibit that Carl likes is a plain stone with a picture of a 18 on it.

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