FCE Listening Practice Test 12

Part 4

You will hear an interview with a singing teacher called Rosie Carnes, who is talking about her work. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. What difficulty for singers does Rosie mention?
A not hearing how they sound to others
B not fulfilling childhood expectations
C not knowing how to breathe properly

25. According to Rosie, which part of the body should singers warm up first?
A the spine
B the mouth
C the throat

26. Rosie says that a singer’s knees should
A remain tense.
B be bent slightly.
C be kept close together.

27. To maintain a good voice, Rosie mostly recommends that singers
A drink water.
B suck sweets.
C breathe in steam.

28. When learning the words of songs, Rosie often
A imagines they have different meanings.
B gets a friend to help her practise them.
C repeats them while doing other things.

29. Rosie advises people hoping to become singers to
A consider how strong their ambition is.
B be careful not to damage their voice.
C take advantage of opportunities to perform.

30. Rosie tells us about a friend who
A avoids singing on recordings.
B prepares in her car before performing.
C suffers very badly from nerves on stage.

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