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FCE Listening Practice Test 12

The old, print-friendly test

Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

1 You hear a hotel manager talking about the staff who work for her. What does she say about them?
A They get to do a range of tasks.
B They often suggest new ideas.
C They sometimes arrive late.

2 You overhear a student talking on the phone. What does he say about life at college?
A He’s made a lot of new friends.
B His teachers are pleased with his progress.
C He finds his accommodation is very convenient.

3 You hear a caller on a radio phone-in programme. Why has she phoned?
A to disagree with a previous caller
B to warn other listeners about something
C to explain how she feels about something

4 You hear a man talking about a wildlife documentary. What aspect of it disappointed him?
A the animals which were featured
B the quality of the photography
C the style of the commentary

5 You overhear two people talking in a cafe. The man has just come from
A his workplace.
B a shopping centre.
C the house of a friend.

6 You hear a man talking about how he designs light shows for music concerts. He usually gets his ideas by
A watching films of previous shows with similar music.
B listening to the music for the show several times.
C asking the performers to describe the audience.

7 You hear two friends talking about a new ‘free bike-hire’ scheme. What do they agree about?
A the effect it might have on levels of bike crime
B who should be responsible for paying for it
C how much it would improve their city

8 You hear a woman talking about her favourite movie. Why does she like it?
A It’s very romantic.
B It’s very funny.
C It’s very exciting.

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