IELTS Listening Practice Test 19 Printable -
IELTS Listening Practice Test 19 Printable

IELTS Listening Practice Test 19 Printable

Section 3

Questions 21-24
Which FOUR features below are mentioned by the woman as characteristic of pu-erh tea?
Choose FOUR letters: A-H.

A Pu-erh is a dark tea
B The tea leaves are picked and sorted by machines
C It comes from a region of southern China called Yunnan
D It undergoes a period of aging in the open air
E It is a white tea
F Pu-erh tea is expensive
G The taste is very bitter
H The tea is sold in tea bags
Questions 25, 26
Choose the correct answer: A, B or C.

25 What is the likely job of the man?
A A journalist
B A tea farmer
C An artist

26 Why does the woman dislike teabags?
A She is allergic to them
B They smell strange
C Because the tea is trapped and cannot move freely
Questions 27-30
Complete the sentences below.
Write ONE WORD for each answer.

27 Tea must be brewed in the _____ way to fully experience it.
28 The effect of _____ on the taste of pu-erh is similar to that of wine.
29 Pu-erh tea leaves are gathered into big piles by the _____.
30 Tea meditation involves focusing on two things: _____ and body.

Section 4

Questions 31-36
Complete the flow-chart below.
Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

William the Conqueror defeated the 31 _____ army in 1066
The words beef, hour, fruit and 32 _____ all entered the English language from French.
Gothic 33 _____ architecture also arrived in England from France.
Construction of Wells Cathedral started in 34 _____.
it was 35 _____ in 1490.
Wells Cathedral is one of twenty-six cathedrals in England. This 36 _____ is called
the medieval cathedrals of England.

Questions 37-40
Complete the table below.

Architectural InformationDesign Notes
Cathedral nameWellsThe cathedral’s lancet windows have no tracery.
Style37 _____
Construction began1175West front of the cathedral is celebrated for its life-sized 39 _____
Construction completed1490
Nave height20 metresIn the past the sculptures and decorative carvings would have been 40 _____ and gilded.
Length38 _____

Answer Keys

Listening Section 1
1. B
2. B
3. A
4. C
5. C
6. G34C245
7. car
8. police
9. jacket
10. registration details
Listening Section 2
11. staffroom
12. museum
13. visitors
14. staffroom
15. steps
16. staff toilets
17. museum
18. photo booth
19. B
20. E
Listening Section 3
21-24 (in any order):. A,C,D,F
25. A
26. C
27. correct
28. aging
29. farmers
30. mind
Listening Section 4
31. English
32. city
33. style
34. 1175
35. completed
36. group
37. Gothic
38. 126 metres
39. sculptures
40. painted

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