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FCE Listening Practice Test 7

Part 4

You will hear an interview with someone who has started a magazine for children. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. When talking about her job as a primary school teacher, Kate emphasizes
A how much effort the job required.
B how good she was as a teacher.
C how difficult the children could be.

25. Kate decided to start her own magazine for children
A because both children and parents suggested the idea.
B when she was working in publishing for children.
C after considering what was available for children.

26. What does Kate say about enthusiasm?
A Children respond positively to it.
B Children cannot maintain it for long.
C Children experience it more than adults.

27. Kate says that she learnt from her research that children
A don’t want to feel that they are being considered inferior.
B don’t like texts that have too much serious content.
C don’t know some words that she had expected them to know.

28. Kate says that the age range for the magazine
A may change to some extent in the future.
B may not be exactly what it is stated to be.
C has been decided after asking parents.

29. Kate says that the magazine makes use of the Internet because
A some children prefer using it to learn about subjects.
B some subjects cannot be covered fully in the magazine.
C it is used a great deal in connection with some school work.

30. Kate says that one of her aims for the magazine is to
A include subjects that children dun’l normally read about.
B create an interest in subjects some children consider boring.
C encourage children to choose what they want as a career.

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