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FCE Listening Practice Test 7

The old, print-friendly test

Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

1 You hear someone talking on a radio programme. What is the speaker doing?
A recommending that listeners make a certain drink
B explaining why a drink is becoming more popular
C telling listeners about a drink they may not know about

2 You hear someone talking about people who travel a lot when they’re young. What is his attitude towards these people?
A He is envious of them for having the opportunity.
B He feels that they are simply wasting their time.
C He can’t understand why they do it.

3 You hear an advertisement for a course. What does the speaker say about the course?
A You need to take a lest before being accepted for it.
B It starts with theory and moves on to practical work.
C It focuses on your effect on the people you will instruct.

4 You hear part of a radio interview. Who is being interviewed?
A a film director
B an actor
C a screenwriter

5 You hear part of a radio report about car drivers. What did the survey discover about a lot of drivers?
A They pay no attention to warning lights.
B They don’t know what various symbols in a car relate to.
C They think there are ton many warning lights and symbols in cars.

6 You turn on the radio and hear part of a programme. What type of programme is it?
A a review programme
B a chat show
C a phone-in

7 You hear part of a radio play. Where is the scene taking place?
A in a restaurant
B in a car
C in a house

8 You hear a woman talking about running. What aspect of running is she talking about?
A her involvement in running over a period of time
B why she finds running so enjoyable
C the importance of running and training with others

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