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FCE Listening Practice Test 6

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Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

1 You hear part of an interview with a pop singer. How does she feel about what happened?
A embarrassed by her mistake
B angry with her tour manager
C confused about what happened

2 You hear part of a radio programme for young people. What advice does the speaker give?
A Try to discuss the matter with your friends.
B Pay no attention to the people who laugh at you.
C Encourage other people to be like you.

3 You hear a radio presenter talking about a book. What does the presenter say about the book?
A Some of the writers have already had their work published.
B It contains work that was entered for a competition.
C It is very well organised.

4 You hear someone talking on the phone. What is the speaker’s purpose?
A to resolve a disagreement
B to make a threat
C to apologise for previous behaviour

5 You hear someone talking to an assistant at a box office. What is the situation?
A The man has lost his tickets.
B The man was sent the wrong tickets.
C The man wants to return the tickets.

6 You hear someone talking about her personality. What is the speaker doing?
A admitting something
B explaining something
C promising something

7 You hear two people talking. What is the relationship between them?
A They are members of the same club.
B They live in the same building.
C They are studying on the same course.

8 You hear a local radio presenter talking about a competition. Which of the following is true of the competition?
A The first part does not involve any cooking.
B The second part involves ten people cooking on their own.
C The final part takes place at a different restaurant.

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