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FCE Listening Practice Test 6

Part 4

You will hear an interview with someone whose daughters are appearing in a show in London. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. What does Jackie say about Olivia’s role in Annie?
A Olivia had difficulty learning such a big role.
B Olivia had always wanted to have such a big role.
C Olivia hadn’t expected to get such a big role.

25. Jackie says that Olivia’s performance in Annie
A did not surprise other members of her family.
B was helped by advice from an agent.
C contrasted with her normal personality.

26. When Olivia tried to get a part in Mary Poppins, she
A did not really expect to get the part.
B was extremely upset not to get the part.
C was immediately rejected for the part.

27. What happened at the first auditions for The Sound of Music?
A Jackie’s children were told they would have to come back the next day.
B The family arrived later than they had been told to arrive.
C There were so many people that the family considered leaving.

28. For the second audition, both girls
A decided to wear similar clothes.
B were required to sing two songs.
C felt they had to improve.

29. At the final audition,
A neither of the girls appeared to be nervous.
B Jackie told them they looked right for the parts.
C both girls made jokes about the event.

30. How have the girls reacted to getting the parts?
A They are a bit concerned that their lives will change.
B The achievement has made them more self-confident.
C Their behaviour has remained the same as it was before.

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