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FCE Listening Practice Test 6

Part 2

You will hear an interview with a representative of a wildlife park called Paradise Wildlife Park. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

Paradise Wildlife Park

Project Life Lion is connected with diseases spread by 9 .
The Park has created its own 10 system, and other organisations use it.
A wide variety of 11 events (e.g. barbecues) are held at the Park.
For charity events, the Park will provide cheap tickets and 12 .
The Park’s sister company gives people a chance to be a 13 .
People paying to adopt an animal get a 14 , a photograph, information about the animal and a free ticket for two people.
People who visit the Park 15 in a year benefit from having a season ticket.
When the weather is cold, visitors can still enjoy using the 16 .
One of the Experience Days involves being an 17 for a day.
The Park is looking for people to do customer service and 18 work.

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