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FCE Listening Practice Test 26

FCE Listening Practice Test 26

The old, print-friendly test

Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

1 You are watching TV and you hear this advertisement. The speaker is encouraging you
A to maintain your car’s tyres.
B to watch out for children crossing.
C not to drink and drive.

2 You overhear these two people discussing a football match. The speakers
A support different teams.
B both support Manchester United.
C both support Liverpool.

3 You are out shopping when you pass a man in the street selling something. The item he is selling is
A not available elsewhere.
B cheaper than elsewhere.
C cheaper because it is damaged.

4 You are at a wedding reception when a man starts to make a speech. The speaker is
A the best friend of the groom.
B the father of the bride.
C the groom.

5 Listen to this person speaking about a recent holiday. The speaker complains about
A the holiday company.
B the country she visited.
C the whole holiday.

6 You are in an office when you hear a woman making this telephone call. The speaker complains about
A being given the wrong supplies.
B the lateness of the delivery.
C having paid too much.

7 You hear a friend telephoning a sandwich delivery company. The speaker is ordering
A 2 sandwiches.
B 3 sandwiches.
C 4 sandwiches.

8 You are watching the evening news on TV when you hear this item about Dino the dog. Dino
A went to find his owners.
B travelled to his original home.
C got lost.

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