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FCE Listening Practice Test 26

FCE Listening Practice Test 26

Part 4

You will hear a conversation which takes place in a busy restaurant between a couple, Ivan and Hannah Smythe, and a young waiter, Joel. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. Why does Hannah tell her husband not to speak so loud?
A He is disturbing others.
B She can’t hear him.
C The waiter is next to him.

25. How would the manager probably react to an order of two starters?
A He would not be agreeable
B He would be happy to oblige.
C It wouldn’t matter to him.

26. Why does Ivan complain about the numbers?
A They are confusing.
B He doesn’t like the idea of using numbers on a menu.
C He can’t see them.

27. What did Joel use to be?
A a waiter
B a customer
C a vegetarian

28. What does Ivan want with his Banana Split?
A lemon sauce
B additional cream
C nuts

29. Why can’t meals be changed?
A they are pre-prepared
B the meals are assembled off-site
C the waiter is busy

30. What is Ivan’s mood at the end of the conversation?
A angry
B annoyed
C impressed

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