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FCE Listening Practice Test 26

FCE Listening Practice Test 26

Part 2

You will hear a psychologist speaking on British radio on the subject of astrology. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

Over 60% of 9 . admit to being interested in astrology.
Less than 3% of people would consult the stars before making 10 .
Psychologists now believe that time of birth can affect a person’s 11 . development.
Time of birth is not the only factor, but it is the 12 . for future changes.
To test his idea, the speaker decided to compare people’s 13 . and zodiac sign.
An amazing number of 14 . were born around mid-July to mid-August.
Other connections found by the study were 15 .
A fair number of serious sports players were born in the 16 . months.
The speaker thinks that the lack of professions dominated by mostly one sign is a little 17 .
The connections may be weak because people are removed from the 18 .

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