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FCE Listening Practice Test 26 Printable

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Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

1. You are watching TV and you hear this advertisement. The speaker is encouraging you
A. to maintain your car’s tyres.
B. to watch out for children crossing.
C. not to drink and drive.

2. You overhear these two people discussing a football match. The speakers
A. support different teams.
B. both support Manchester United.
C. both support Liverpool.

3. You are out shopping when you pass a man in the street selling something. The item he is selling is
A. not available elsewhere.
B. cheaper than elsewhere.
C. cheaper because it is damaged.

4. You are at a wedding reception when a man starts to make a speech. The speaker is
A. the best friend of the groom.
B. the father of the bride.
C. the groom.

5. Listen to this person speaking about a recent holiday. The speaker complains about
A. the holiday company.
B. the country she visited.
C. the whole holiday.

6. You are in an office when you hear a woman making this telephone call. The speaker complains about
A. being given the wrong supplies.
B. the lateness of the delivery.
C. having paid too much.

7. You hear a friend telephoning a sandwich delivery company. The speaker is ordering
A. 2 sandwiches.
B. 3 sandwiches.
C. 4 sandwiches.

8. You are watching the evening news on TV when you hear this item about Dino the dog. Dino
A. went to find his owners.
B. travelled to his original home.
C. got lost.

Part 2

You will hear a psychologist speaking on British radio on the subject of astrology. For questions 9-18, complete the notes below which summarise what the speaker says.

Over 60% of 9 ______ admit to being interested in astrology.
Less than 3% of people would consult the stars before making 10 ______.
Psychologists now believe that time of birth can affect a person’s 11 ______ development.
Time of birth is not the only factor, but it is the 12 ______ for future changes.
To test his idea, the speaker decided to compare people’s 13 ______ and zodiac sign.
An amazing number of 14 ______ were born around mid-July to mid-August.
Other connections found by the study were 15 ______.
A fair number of serious sports players were born in the 16 ______ months.
The speaker thinks that the lack of professions dominated by mostly one sign is a little 17 ______.
The connections may be weak because people are removed from the 18 ______.
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