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FCE Listening Practice Test 27 Printable

Part 3

You will hear five different people talking about exercise. For questions 19-23, choose from the list (A – F) which statement applies to each person. Use the letters only once. There is one extra letter which you do not need to use.

A This person spends most of their free time exercising.
B This person is made to do exercise against their will.
C This person does a lot of exercise in spite of their age.
D This person does exercise as part of their job.
E This person does exercise as part of a social event.
F This person’s good health depends on exercise.
Speaker 1  19 __
Speaker 2  20 __
Speaker 3  21 __
Speaker 4  22 __
Speaker 5  23 __

Part 4

You will hear an interview on the radio with a dog trainer called Jane Fennet. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer A, B or C

24. In order for a dog to do what you want,
A it must have a quiet, happy life.
B it must think you are its leader.
C you must give it enough dog biscuits.

25. Why is it bad to let your dog jump all over you when you arrive home?
A because it will take the dog five minutes to calm down
B because your dog should always look after you
C because the dog will think that it is your leader

26. A dog that barks and jumps at visitors
A is trying to make sure you are safe.
B wants to be taken for a walk.
C thinks that you are the boss.

27. If Jane throws a ball for her dog and he doesn’t bring it to her, what does she do?
A She goes to pick up the ball herself.
B She makes the dog bring it to her.
C She tests it to see who is in charge.

28. Jane will ignore a dog
A if it ignores her.
B when it gets into trouble.
C when she’s working with it.

29. Jane says that intelligent dogs
A need less exercise and mental stimulation.
B don’t like being left at home during the day.
C often get angry with their owners.

30. According to Jane, what is the difference between a Doberman and a bulldog?
A The Doberman is more intelligent than the bulldog.
B The bulldog gets bored more easily than the Doberman.
C The bulldog runs more slowly than the Doberman.
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