IELTS Speaking Topics in 2023 -
IELTS Speaking Topics, 2022

IELTS Speaking Topics in 2023

This part will give you a list of IELTS Speaking topics for 2022. Each card is complete with sample answers, key vocabulary and collocations. You can save the cards in PDF or print them online.

Note that most of the topics remain unchanged. However, sometimes more IELTS Speaking topics get added to reflect changes happening in the world (e.g. climate change, the coronavirus and so on).

Another important point to keep in mind is that the topics are more or less the same for Part 1, 2 and 3. However, the questions themselves have different focus. Part 1 focuses on familiar aspects of the topic. Part 2 expects you talk about a familiar question in more detail. In Part 3 you expand on the idea from Part 2 and talk about the unfamiliar, abstract side of the topic.

Click on each topic to see more sample questions for this IELTS Speaking topic. Each question has a sample answer and useful phrases with explanations!

The sample questions below are for Part 1 of IELTS Speaking. Click on each topic to see question cards for Part 2 and 3.

Friends and family, #2

Do you come from a big family?
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
How often do you meet your friends?
Are you still in touch with your friends from school?
How does friendship change people?

Job and career, #2

When you were a child, what did you want to become?
What jobs are in demand in your country?
What professions are respected in your country?
Which professional sphere is going to be more popular in the future?
Nowadays many young people prioritise career over family. Why?
What jobs might become obsolete with the increasing automation in every sphere?
What is more important – job satisfaction or professional development?
Do you think all people want to do creative work?

Hobbies and free time, #2

How do you usually spend your free time?
What hobbies are popular in your country?
Have your interests changed much since you were a child?
Do you prefer spending your free time alone or with somebody else?
Do you plan to take up any new hobbies in the future?
Is it a good idea to turn a hobby into profession?

Home and hometown, #2

Do you live in a flat or a house?
Tell me about the area you live in.
What kind of problems does your town face?
Would you rather live in the city centre or in the countryside?
What is your city famous for?
Do you get on well with your neighbours?

Transport, #2

How often do you use public transport?
What is the best way to get around your city?
How do you usually commute?
Does your city have cycling lanes or any other cycling infrastructure?
How could the government encourage people to use public transport?
Is renting a car better than owning it? Why?

Nature and the environment

Do you have any parks or squares where you live?
If you could, would you want to have a garden? Why/why not?
What does the government of your country do to save the environment?
Would you say that people are causing more damage to nature than they did 20 years ago?
How can people be encouraged to reduce their environmental footprint?

Studying, #2

What do you study?
Do you plan to continue your study?
What do you find most difficult about learning English?
If you could study something else, what would you study?
How might ways of studying and education change in the future?

Art (films, music, the theatre, literature etc.), #2

Do you prefer reading or watching movies? Why?
How often to you go to live concerts?
Do you like theatre? Why/Why not?
In your opinion, is reading become less or more popular with people? Why?
Violence is a big part of movie and videogame industries nowadays. How do you think this will change in the future?

Modern problems, #2, #3

Some say that the world is becoming increasingly globalised, or similar. What is your opinion on that?
Unemployment is a big issue nowadays, especially among young people. What could be the solution to this problem?
Is it more important to explore space or to focus on problems of our own planet?
Modern lifestyle is much less healthy. How can people be encouraged to be more active and sporty?

Travelling, #2

What is your attitude to travelling?
When was the last time you travelled somewhere? Where did you go to?
Do you have any plans to travel somewhere in the future?
If you could visit any country, where would you go? Why?
What environmental impact does travelling have?

City and the country, #2

Do you live in a city or in the countryside?
If you could move, where would you prefer to live and why?
What are the advantages of living in the city centre? Are there any disadvantages?
Do you have any shops near to where you live?
More and more people are moving to bigger cities. Why do you think this is happening?

Weather and climate, #2

What kind of climate do you live in? Do you like it?
What kind of weather do you like most?
If you could live in a place with a different climate, would you want to?
Would you say that local climate has changed much over the years?

Holidays and celebrations, #2

What is the biggest holiday in your country?
What are the national holidays celebrated in your country?
How do you usually celebrate your birthday?
Do you normally celebrate with your friends, your family or on your own?
Are there any special traditions regarding gift-giving where you live?

Food and cuisine

What are the typical dishes in your country?
What kind of food do you prefer?
Do you like cooking?
What do you usually eat if you want to treat yourself?
How do you go grocery shopping?
Why do people find fast food so attractive?

Animals and pets

Do you have any pets?
What animals are popular as pets in your country?
Is your country or culture associated with any particular animal?
Why people might choose to have a pet?
Do you think that the pet a person have can tell us something about that person?

Technology and progress

How often do you use your mobile phone?
How does technology help you in your everyday life?
What technological discovery has changed our lives most dramatically?
What are the possible negative aspects of technological progress?
To what extent do you think technology has changed the way we live?

Health and well-being

How often do you exercise?
Would you say that you have a healthy lifestyle?
Do you prefer to do sports indoors or outside?
What can the government do to promote healthy lifestyle?
Do you agree that people nowadays live healthier that the previous generations? Why/Why not?
What are the benefits of taking part in team sports?

Money and shopping

Would you say that you are good at managing money?
Do you think it’s better to save money or spend it?
What is better – shopping with your friends or on your own?
Do you believe that in the future we will only use electronic money and payments?
Many smaller shops nowadays have to close down because they can’t compete with bigger chain stores. Is this a positive or a negative development?