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FCE Listening Practice Test 5

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Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

1 You hear part of an interview with a sportsman. What does he say about playing for the national team?
A He doesn’t think it will happen soon.
B It isn’t his main concern at the moment.
C The possibility of it happening has put him under pressure.

2 You hear the introduction to a radio programme. What is the speaker doing?
A contrasting weather forecasting in the past and the present
B explaining why weather forecasting has become more accurate
C joking about how people used to forecast the weather

3 You hear a man talking about reading aloud to children. What opinion does he express?
A Short stories are better than longer books.
B The choice of book may not be important.
C It’s hard to know what will make children laugh.

4 You hear someone talking about work. What is his situation?
A He has just left a job.
B He is thinking of leaving his job.
C He has just started a new job.

5 You hear someone talking about his childhood. What does he mention?
A a habit he regards as strange
B regret about some of his behaviour
C how much he has changed

6 You hear someone talking about something that happened at a party. How did the speaker feel?
A upset
B amused
C frightened

7 You hear part of a talk about blues music. What is the speaker talking about?
A why it originated in a certain area
B how popular it was in the past compared with today
C its importance in the history of popular music

8 You hear someone on the radio talking about a website for consumers. What is the speaker’s purpose?
A to encourage consumers to make complaints
B to inform consumers about a source of information
C to describe common problems for consumers

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