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FCE Listening Practice Test 5

Part 4

You will hear someone giving a talk about taking up running as an activity. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. The speaker says that when she was younger,
A she envied people who did a lot of physical activity.
B she knew that she ought to take up some kind of physical activity.
C she hated the idea of doing any kind of physical activity.

25. The speaker says that if people take up running,
A she can guarantee that there will be certain benefits.
B they will wonder why they didn’t do it before.
C it will become a long-term interest for them.

26. The speaker says that, in comparison with other activities and sports, running is
A more enjoyable.
B more convenient.
C more beneficial.

27. What does the speaker say about people who feel that they can’t take up running?
A They should talk to people who do run.
B They may be right.
C They know that their attitude Is wrong.

28. The speaker warns people who take up running not to
A be competitive.
B give up as soon as there is a problem.
C ignore pain.

29. What advice does the speaker give about running technique?
A Change the position of your arms from time to time.
B Think of your arms as if they were parts of an engine.
C Pay more attention to your arms than any other part of your body.

30. What does the speaker say about breathing while running?
A Some bad advice is sometimes given about it.
B It takes some time to develop the best technique for it.
C There isn’t a correct or incorrect way of doing it.

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