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FCE Listening Practice Test 24

Part 4

You will hear an interview with a man who makes models for films and television. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. Matt got a job doing holiday relief work because he wanted
A to do part-time work.
B a career in photography.
C to work in television.

25. What did Matt find ‘interesting’ about the sixties?
A the fascination with space travel
B the increased number of comic books
C the advances in photography

26. Why were Matt’s models used on the news?
A They were better than pictures.
B Some equipment had been destroyed.
C The studio was trying new ideas.

27. Matt thinks he was successful at getting work in television because
A he had good experience.
B he knew some of the staff.
C he was available at the right time.

28. Matt worked on Bright Star as
A part of a team.
B the producer.
C a design student.

29. Matt was invited on children’s television to
A tell stories about his design work.
B explain the purpose of space research.
C help children make models themselves.

30. Matt remembers Heart of Darkness because
A it was his favourite comedy.
B his work was recognised.
C a film was made of it.

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