CAE Reading and Use of English Practice Test 5

CAE Reafing and Use of English Test 5

Answer Keys


1. B — put off. To be put off means to get discouraged, to lose interest. Put back means to postpone, to move something to a later date. The other two do not fit by context.
2. D — larger. Larger than life means extremely or exaggeratedly big. It is a set phrase.
3. D — getting. To get a promotion is the common collocation.
4. C — surface. On the surface means visually, from the outside.
5. A — consequently. As a consequence, as a result (of being confident).
6. B — favours. To favour — to prefer, to single out, to like better.
7. D — weight. To carry weight means to be influential or important.
8. C — turned. To turn down — to reject, to refuse (the position in the company).


9. part. To take part — to participate, to be actively involved in something.
10. it. It was … who.
11. what. What is … that. This and the previous examples show the importance of understanding what word pronoun (what, it) refers to.
12. not. Not to mention — used to refer to something that is too obvious to point out.
13. apart. Apart from — besides, other than.
14. while/besides. Both words can be used in this comparison.
15. making. Make something appear like — look like, seem like.
16. which. Which refers to grace and artistry here.


17. clarify. Clarify means to make things clear, easy to understand. A rather hard word-formation example as it is far from obvious that clarify and clear are related.
18. revitalised. ” … and eager” suggests that there should be an adjective with positive meaning.
19. Apparently. The meaning here is “at it turns out, as it appears”. Mind your spelling and don’t forget to capitalise the word.
20. stubbornness. A difficult word to spell right with double ‘b’ and double ‘n’.
21. debatable. Questionable, open to question and doubt.
22. unsurprising. Negative prefix is used because the second part of the sentence explains why this position would be good for people, therefore it isn’t a surprise that they sleep like this.
23. refreshed. Full of strength and in good mood.
24. restless. The last sentence implies that you can’t keep one position so the word is restless — unable to stay quiet or still.


25. on the point of calling. On the point of doing something = about to do something.
26. came as a total/complete shock to.Come as can be used both with a noun and an adjective.
27. original intention was to. The only major change here is change adverb+verb to adjective+noun.
28. had not been held up by. To be held by something = to be delayed, to be hindered.
29. sooner had she arrived home than. Inversion is used here for dramatic effect.
30. was the strength of his feeling(s). Another case of inversion. Evidently strength has to be used with feeling (or feelings) here.


31. C It is clearly stated in the second part of paragraph two that he was unable to deal with the volume of requests. This means that too many people were willing to get help from him.
32. D Last sentence of paragraph three explains how teachers use Khan’s video to prepare students to what they are later going to study in their classes.
33. B Beginning of paragraph four describes author’s attempt to find Khan’s apartment. The author is surprised than Khan’s place is situated between two a shop and a restaurant. He would expect him to have a more impressive place.
34. C Khan clearly states that the reason why children grow less interested in education is the way school functions. Last sentence of paragraph 5 explains the routine of school classes and how it encourages passivity and compliance.
35. A According to Khan, this statement doesn’t make sense. He gives example of a lecture to reinforce his opinion.
36. B The inflexibility of the school system is discussed in the previous paragraph. The rest of the answers do not fit: A and C implies, that students were the products of that factory and the sentence doesn’t state that. D isn’t true as Khan previously said the opposite about teacher to students ratio.


37. B The reviewer states that sameness is the initial impression, but there is a difference nonetheless (sentence three).
38. D Reviewer D says that his less known works are the best — the desolated landscapes and haunted pictures of the sea. Reviewer C mentions ‘lesser known but equally worthy’ portraits and seascapes.
39. C Unlike the rest of reviewers, this one is sceptical about the overall value of this exhibition. The reviewer complains about the lack of order in picture arrangement which undermines the general idea of artist development.
40. A Both reviewers believe that Lowry has had huge impact on the industrial scene painting. Reviewer A, sentence one; reviewer B, sentence starting with “The exhibition traces…“.


41. E The paragraph begins with the description of what is inside the building. This is the building mentioned in the paragraph before this one. ‘The rigorous authenticity’ that is mentioned in the next paragraph refers to the little details of paragraph E — the cough medicine, the certificates on the wall and so on.
42. A The preceding paragraph ends with a viewership figure of over 9 million — and paragraph A follows up with the question of why is this show so popular.
43. D The paragraph before starts describing characters of the show, and paragraph D carries on with the task.
44. G Paragraph G and the previous one talk about the way the show was created. It ends with examples of other TV shows, and paragraph after comments on them as being ‘too masculine’.
45. F The paragraph following this one starts with “When I talked to her, the penny dropped”. This refers to the Murray and Bullmore — the actor and the real person and their meeting, that is mentioned in paragraph F.
46. C The ‘indicative of the feedback’ from the beginning of last paragraph is the positive opinion of the ‘prison woman’ from paragraph C.


47. C HRJ is the first company to use the type of material branded’ecological’ (Middle of the paragraph).
48. B Last sentence about husband calling her a shopper (or the one who buys) rather than a seller.
49. A Middle of the paragraph: “All her pieces are made …”
50. B The O symbol is the main idea of the collection.
51. D Last sentence, about the jewellery pieces being a classic “in their own right”.
52. C Beginning of the paragraph: “The ethos behind Geo …”.
53. D Middle of the paragraph: “Keivom draws her influences from a peripatetic childhood …”.
54. A Third sentence: “Everyone has a relationship with an animal in my collection.”
55. B She designed a font for the Alphabet project. (Middle of the paragraph)
56. A Beginning of the text “My friend’s grandmother had an amazing stag brooch …”. This impression moved her to start her own collection.

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