CAE Listening Practice Test 27

CAE Listening Practice Test 27

CAE Listening Part 2

You will hear a young Arctic explorer called James Munro talking about his work. For questions 7-14, complete the sentences.

The Probation Worker

James Munro and Greg Hamilton managed to finish an unsupported expedition through 7 .
According to James, the only things helping them in this expedition were 8 .
Both James’ parents worked as 9 .
James believes that his love for 10 made him more interested in adventures.
The expedition to 11 in 1995 fascinated James.
James admires Nansen for his breadth as he was a diplomat, an explorer as well as a 12 .
James is convinced that having control over one’s 13 is essential for an explorer.
James believes that making use of 14 is the best way for inexperienced explorers to get sponsors.

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