CAE Listening Practice Test 11

CAE Listening Practice Test 11

CAE Listening Part 2

You will hear a woman called Janine Rogers giving a talk about her work. For questions 7-14,
complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

Working with Chocolate

Janine trained as a 7 before working for her current employer.
Janine found her background particularly helpful when working on a project to put 8 into chocolate.
Janine uses the word 9 to describe chocolate as a substance to work with.
Janine mentions the method of 10 the cocoa beans as a variable affecting the taste of her chocolate.
Janine says that ideas for new types of chocolate generally come from her company’s 11 department.
Janine says the staff responsible for 12 play a surprisingly important role in developing a new chocolate product.
Janine gives the example of 13 as a group that need to be considered when designing the label for a product.
Janine thinks that 14 is the most essential quality needed for her job.

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