CAE Listening Practice Test 3 Printable -
CAE Listening Practice test 3 — Roman Tablets, Architects, Problems at Work

CAE Listening Practice Test 3 Printable

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Part 1

You will hear three different extracts. For questions 1-6, choose the answer (A, В or C) which fits best according to what you hear. There are two questions for each extract.

Extract One
You hear two colleagues, Eva and Colin, talk about a problem at work

1 What is Colin’s opinion o f their new boss?
A She fails to consult with colleagues.
В She is too keen to establish new working practices.
C She has little understanding of the organisation’s history.

2 When talking about the problem, Eva is
A trying to suggest that it is unimportant.
В comparing alternative ways of solving it.
C encouraging Colin to take a more positive attitude to it.

Extract Two
You hear an interview with an expert who repairs antique vases

3 What is the expert doing at the start of the interview?
A explaining what can ruin a restoration job
В comparing various methods of restoration she uses
C describing the difficulties of matching colours during restoration

4 How does the expert feel about leaving visible cracks in the finished vase?
A They should be avoided if at all possible.
В They are part of the vase’s history and should be seen.
C They affect the value of the vase rather than its appearance.

Extract Three
On the radio, you hear a visitor talking to a man about the remote island where he lives

5 The man wants a ferry service between the mainland and the island because
A he is keen to develop tourism on the island.
В he thinks more young people would come to live on the island.
C he feels the island people should not be isolated from modem life.

6 The speakers have different opinions about whether
A creating an airport would be advantageous.
В building houses on the beach would be advisable.
C commercial development would spoil the island’s unique nature.

Part 2

You will hear a short radio report about how technology is helping archaeologists who want to learn more about some texts written over 2,000 years ago known as Roman tablets. For questions 7-14, complete the sentences.

Roman tablets

The speaker says that an Ancient Roman ‘tablet’ was about as thick as a present-day 7________.
At the site of an old 8 ________, archaeologists discovered about 200 tablets.
Roman soldiers often used tablets writing letter or documents of a 9 ________ nature.
On one tablet mentioned, the word 10 ________ is legible as well as people’s names.
An expert in what’s called 11 ________ says that the project is very challenging.
Panels on the tablets were once filled with 12 ________, which provided the writing surface.
Efforts to analyse the original texts using 13 ________ photography were unsuccessful.
New technology is also being applied to other historical texts which were written using 14________.
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  1. Hey there! , I am having troubles with the answers 22 and 24 , i do not understand them , some help would be really helpful.

    Thanks for the listenings!

  2. Hello Martin, hope you are having a great day.

    Question 22 actually had the wrong answer mentioned in the keys! I am very sorry about that. The correct answer would be F – excessive responsibility.
    Question 24 mentions a ‘bad flow of data’ and a supportive line manager, who has been ‘on at the technicians to sort it out’. Both fragments of script point in the direction of a computer-related problem, which would clearly refer to an ‘IT system’ mentioned in H.

    Thanks for pointing that out and have an awesome CAE exam!

  3. Hello! I wanted to contact you in private but can´t find the way.I think there is a mistake here and it should read ” avoid it if AT ALL possible”
    I hope you dont mind the correction 🙂

    4 How does the expert feel about leaving visible cracks in the finished vase?
    A They should be avoided if a tail possible.

  4. Thank you very much for the correction, Anna! Things like that happen here and I can’t express how grateful I am you have pointed that out!
    I should really look into making a feedback form of a kind I guess 🙂

  5. Hello im so thankful for all this sample exam but im not able to print pdf its impossible to see it

  6. You should be able to print or save in by clicking the ‘Print/Save in PDF’ link at the bottom of the text

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