IELTS Listening Practice Test 3 -

IELTS Listening Practice Test 3

Section 2

Questions 11-20

Questions 11 and 12

Choose TWO letters, A-E.
Which TWO things does Alice say about the Dolphin Conservation Trust?

A Children make up most of the membership
B It’s the country’s largest conservation organisation
C It helps finance campaigns for changes in fishing practices
D It employs several dolphin experts full-time
E Volunteers help in various ways

Questions 13-15
Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C

13 Why is Alice so pleased the Trust has won the Charity Commission award?
A It has brought in extra money
B It made the work of the trust better known
C It has attracted more members

14 Alice says oil exploration causes problems to dolphins because of …
A noise
B oil leaks
C movement of ships

15 Alice became interested in dolphins when
A she saw one swimming near her home
B she heard a speaker at her school
C she read a book about them

Questions 16-20
Which dolphin does Alice make each of the following comments about?
Write the correct letter, А, В, C or D, next to questions 16-20.

A Moon dancer
В Echo
C Kiwi
D Samson

16 It has not been seen this year
17 It is photographed more than the others
18 It is always very energetic
19 It is the newest one in the scheme
20 It has an unusual shape

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