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FCE Listening Practice Test 9

Part 4

You will hear part of a radio interview with an author called Mickey Smith, who is talking about becoming excellent at sport. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. When asked about his theory on talent, Mickey says that
A he is doing further research with other people.
B he realises some people disagree with him.
C he has not yet fully proved his ideas.

25. Mickey believes that outstanding football players
A have better levels of concentration than other players.
B are aware of the positions of other players on the pitch.
C are faster runners than other players.

26. How did Mickey feel when he first became successful at gymnastics?
A convinced he had a natural aptitude for the sport
B conscious that others in his area didn’t have the same chances
C lucky to have had one of the best training routines

27. Mickey says that the motivation to continue training for long periods of time
A develops at an early age in people who become experts.
B depends on your personal attitude towards success.
C does not come naturally to most people.

28. Mickey says that coaches working with young people need to understand that
A children and adults have different thought processes.
B young people have a built-in drive to succeed in areas like sport.
C it is important to focus on mental rather than physical techniques.

29. Mickey says that many people who play sport don’t bother to try hard because
A they feel incapable of reaching the same levels as sports stars.
B they don’t have time to put in the necessary effort.
C they are not confident in their ability to deal with success.

30. According to Mickey, what can cause some sports people to fail at important events?
A They haven’t trained enough.
B They are inexperienced at dealing with pressure.
C They can become too aware of their actions.

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