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FCE Listening Practice Test 9

Part 2

You will hear a man called Chris Graham talking to a group of students about a vacation job he had in Australia. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

My Vacation Job in Australia

Chris thinks the best place to find a job like he had is the 9 .
Chris is studying 10 at university.
For most of the time he was working for the travel company, Chris lived in a 11 outside of the town.
Chris was often asked to go to a 12 at the weekend.
In the mornings, Chris had to drive tourists to see the 13 in the desert.
Many of the tourists were unaware of the need to keep their 14 covered up when they were in the sun.
The tourists particularly wanted to know how to tell the difference between the 15 of the wild animals.
In the afternoons, the tourists were able to see some 16 that had more than one use.
Chris says that the local government would like to have a larger 17 to attract tourists.
Chris advises other students to send off their job application forms in the month of 18 at the latest.

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