FCE Listening Practice Test 8

Part 4

You will hear an interview with someone who has started a magazine for children. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. What does Rachel say about her job title?
A It makes her feel more important than she is.
B It gives people the wrong idea about her work.
C It is appropriate for most of the work she does.

25. What is the most common reason for the gallery not exhibiting an artist’s work?
A The subject matter is unsuitable.
B It is not of a high enough quality.
C The gallery manager doesn’t like it.

26. When can phone calls from artists be difficult for Rachel?
A when their work doesn’t sell
B when they don’t receive payments
C when their work is not accepted

27. Why does Rachel include a commentary in the catalogue?
A It gives background information about the artist.
B It encourages people to buy paintings over the phone.
C It tells people what experts think of the work.

28. What does Rachel say about administrative work?
A She is able to leave a lot of it to others.
B She would like to have an assistant to help with it.
C She finds it hard to get it all organised.

29. What is Rachel’s role in the service the gallery offers to large companies?
A making initial contacts
B responding to enquiries
C promoting a certain type of art

30. What does Rachel find most enjoyable about her job?
A meeting interesting people
B the fact that it’s unpredictable
C being close to works of art

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