FCE Listening Practice Test 8

Part 2

You will hear a woman called Angela Thomas, who works for a wildlife organisation, talking about the spectacled bear. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

Spectacled Bears

Angela says that it was the 9 of the spectacled bear that first interested her.
Angela mentions that the bear’s markings can be found on its 10  as well as its eyes and cheeks.
Angela is pleased by evidence that spectacled bears have been seen in 11  areas of Argentina.
Angela says the bears usually live in 12 , though they can also be found in other places.
Spectacled bears behave differently from other types of bear during 13 , which Angela finds surprising.
Angela is upset that 14 are the biggest danger to spectacled bears.
Angela says that spectacled bears usually eat 15 and tree bark.
Bears climb trees and make a 16 , which fascinated Angela.
When bears eat meat, they much prefer 17 although they do eat other creatures.
One man has produced an amusing 18 about the time he spent studying the bears.

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