FCE Listening Practice Test 3

Part 4

You will hear an interview with travel writer Amy McCarthy about her first experience of travelling abroad. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. Why did Amy want to go abroad?
A She wanted to find a job in another country.
B Her friends had invited her to go with them.
C She felt she was good at learning languages.

25. Amy and her friends decided to go to Ibiza because
A it was cheaper than similar destinations.
B there were lots of things to do there.
C none of them had been there before.

26. When she was at the airport, Amy felt
A glad she had taken sandwiches with her.
B worried that she might miss her plane.
C annoyed that she had spent so much.

27. Amy’s friend Carla annoyed Amy because Carla
A sometimes left dirty dishes in the living room.
B often forgot her keys when she went out.
C wouldn’t do any food shopping.

28. Why didn’t Amy phone her family?
A She didn’t have enough credit left on her phone.
B She forgot that she had promised to call them.
C She didn’t want them to hear her sounding unhappy.

29. What did Amy regret doing?
A booking three weeks at the apartment
B taking the wrong items on holiday with her
C agreeing to take it in turns to cook meals 30

30. What were Amy’s feelings when she got home?
A She never wanted to go on holiday with friends again.
B The holiday had been a useful learning experience.
C Next summer she would look for work abroad.

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