FCE Listening Practice Test 3

Part 2

You will hear a student called Fiona Doyle talking about living in the countryside after growing up in a city. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

Moving to the countryside

Fiona says the lack of 9 in the countryside created a contrast at night.
Some rooms in the house can be rather 10 in winter.
At first, the 11 made it difficult for Fiona to sleep in the house.
Fiona finds she tends to 12 later in the day than when she was in the city.
In the countryside, Fiona sees 13 from her bedroom window.
Fiona sometimes finds the slowness of the 14 where she lives rather irritating.
Out in the countryside, Fiona sometimes can’t get 15 from friends.
The nearest 16 is almost two kilometres away from where Fiona lives.
Fiona says you need to have a 17 in the country, but not in the city.
Fiona won’t have to travel as far to the 18 as she would from her old home.

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