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FCE Listening Practice Test 29

FCE Listening Practice Test 29

The old, print-friendly test

Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

1 You hear a student asking the lecturer something. The student would like the lecturer to
A repeat one of the words.
B give an explanation of something.
C repeat an important point.

2 You hear a politician giving an interview. What is the name of their political party?
A Social Liberal Democrats.
B Liberal Democratic Party.
C Christian Democratic Alliance.

3 You hear hotel staff talking to a client on the telephone. They are unable to provide a room because
A the hotel is fully booked.
B the facilities are inadequate.
C the customer expects to have better service.

4 You hear a mother talking to her child. She is
A warning the child about something.
B explaining something to the child.
C reprimanding the child.

5 You hear a woman talking about her problem with an audio recorder. Now the woman is
A angry.
B worried.
C satisfied.

6 You overhear a man ordering a cab. He lives is at
A 269 Radleigh Road.
B 69 Rudleigh Road.
C the Half-way Hotel.

7 You overhear a man talking about ticket prices. The man paid
A £6.50.
B £16.50.
C £5.60.

8 You hear a radio presented introducing a song. He
A likes the song very much.
B never liked the song.
C is less keen on the song now.

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