FCE Listening Practice Test 28

Part 4

You will hear Mr Farmer, a company manager, talking on the telephone to someone from an information technology (IT) company. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. How many employees does Mr Farmer’s company have?
A 50
B 30
C 80

25. Why does his company need a new IT system?
A because the company is doing very well
B because the Internet doesn’t work
C because the printer is old and slow

26. What is Mr Farmer’s main requirement for his company’s new IT system?
A It must not break down often.
B It must not cost a lot of money.
C It must store client addresses.

27. How does his company count the time its employees spend at work?
A using an electronic diary
B by writing down the hours worked
C with an automated system

28. Why is Mr Farmer unhappy with the company which provided the computer system he has now?
A The printer failed repeatedly.
B The price was too high.
C The after-sales service was poor.

29. Why has Mr Farmer called this particular IT company?
A He has used this company for many years.
B He found the company on the Internet.
C He was told about the company by a friend.

30. Most companies make changes to their computer systems
A every year.
B every two years.
C very often.

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