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FCE Listening Practice Test 28

Part 2

You will hear a radio interview with a man called Greg Hunter, who is the editor of a sports magazine.For questions 9-18, complete the notes below which summarise what the speaker says.


A survey shows that 9 coverage of women’s sport makes up only about 4% of stories.
Greg says the media doesn’t publish stories about a sport which not many 10 are interested in.
It is claimed that in the UK there are over 11 women who play netball.
Apart from netball, Greg mentions 12 as an example of a sport that many people do but not many want to read about.
Greg’s magazine has 13 times as many male readers as female readers.
He thinks the 14 needs a sports magazine especially for female readers.
Greg says top women tennis players aren’t able to spend much time with their 15 .
As a percentage of total TV sports time, women’s sport on television dropped to only 16 last year.
There are about 17 women who are members of the Sports Journalist Association of Great Britain.
The number of TV sports 18 has increased recently, which should improve coverage of women’s sport.

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