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FCE Listening Practice Test 22

Part 4

Listen to these two friends discussing the British national lottery. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. How does the man feel about the lottery?
A It is silly but entertaining.
B There is nothing good about it.
C It is particularly bad for young people.

25. Who can play the national lottery?
A anyone older than 18
B only 20 million people
C anyone

26. Why was this week special for Tina?
A She felt lucky.
B She went to Camelot.
C She had money to spend.

27. What does Tina think the lottery company does with the money it makes?
A they keep it
B they don’t make any money
C they give it to charity

28. How often has Barry played the lottery?
A never
B one time only
C once in a while

29. What does Barry’s dad’s saying mean?
A Work for your money.
B Try to win the lottery.
C It is difficult to win the lottery.

30. What is Tina going to do next week?
A buy a lottery ticket
B work overtime
C not buy a lottery ticket

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