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FCE Listening Practice Test 22

Part 2

You will hear part of a radio talk for young people about animals communicating with each other. For questions 9-18, complete the notes below which summarise what the speaker says.

Bees do a 9 to communicate where to find food.
Although parrots seem to speak, they are only 10 the human sounds.
Primates can communicate a few 11 using simple sounds.
Monkeys have not been observed to use any kind of 12 .
Although dolphins can make vowel sounds, they cannot accurately imitate our 13 .
Amazingly, dolphins demonstrate 14 of when phrases should be used.
The sounds made by whales contain 15 than human speech.
The songs of the bottle-nosed whale have many of the 16 of human speech.
The unique grammatical nature of human language arose due to life in 17 .
Indeed, a young child needs enough 18 with other people to develop speech.

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