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FCE Listening Practice Test 21

Part 4

You’ll hear a radio interview with Doctor Ramsdale about keeping healthy. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. According to Dr Ramsdale, how does life today differ from the past?
A People rarely visit the doctor.
B People have more money.
C People are healthier.

25. Dr Ramsdale advises people to
A cook food without fat.
B check their blood pressure.
C learn about heart disease.

26. What does Dr Ramsdale say could help fat teenagers?
A They should eat regularly and often.
B They should learn more about food.
C They should count their calories.

27. According to Dr Ramsdale, nowadays children
A eat too many potatoes.
B enjoy playing outside.
C are usually inactive.

28. What does Dr Ramsdale feel children today are like?
A independent
B capable
C spoilt

29. What should people do if they suffer from stress or depression?
A improve the way they live
B take pills prescribed by the doctor
C buy fewer expensive possessions

30. What does Dr Ramsdale believe?
A Changing your lifestyle is worth the extra money.
B It is not difficult to adopt a better lifestyle.
C People should visit their doctor less often.

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