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FCE Listening Practice Test 21

Part 2

You will hear a radio programme on which the host, Gordon Joyce, talks to a woman called Maggie Forbes about food packaging. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

Gordon says that, until quite recently, most food packaging consisted of a brown 9 .
Plastic packaging is supposed to keep food 10 and so  make it better.
Maggie Forbes is in charge of packaging and 11 for a chain of supermarkets.
She says that 30-50% of food is wasted in countries without modern packaging and 12 systems.
In contrast, Maggie says, people in Europe throw away no more than 13 of food nowadays.
Maggie claims plastic packaging saves money, but Gordon suggests that it is a 14 .
Maggie says food stored in the 15 should be wrapped in plastic to prevent loss of water content.
She points out that glass and stone containers are easily broken and very 16 .
She says that plastic packaging prevents food smelling and 17 bacteria which cause food poisoning.
Gordon is worried that plastic bags have a very bad effect on the 18 .

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