FCE Listening Practice Test 2

Part 4

You will hear an interview with a woman called Adriana Moretti, who works as a wildlife photographer. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. Why did Adriana want to become a wildlife photographer?
A She enjoyed travelling to remote locations.
B She was very good at taking photos.
C She was interested in animal behaviour.

25. Why, according to Adriana, is it easier nowadays to learn how to photograph animals?
A The necessary equipment is cheaper than it used to be.
B It is possible to learn wildlife photography online.
C Cheap international travel means more species can be photographed.

26. Why did Adriana feel uncomfortable while she was trying to take photos of birds?
A She was not able to sit down.
B Her feet were getting wet.
C She was being bitten by insects.

27. How did Adriana feel when she was trying to photograph the crocodile?
A afraid that it might try to attack her
B worried she may not get the photo she wanted
C increasingly bored with waiting to take the picture

28. Adriana has still never taken photos of
A a tiger in India.
B a snow leopard in China.
C a polar bear in Russia.

29. What disadvantage does Adriana say her work has?
A She sometimes feels lonely when she is working abroad.
B She doesn’t see her family as often as she would like to.
C She always has to go where the agency tells her.

30. Adriana believes it is becoming harder to get work as a wildlife photographer because
A so many photos of wildlife are available on the Internet.
B there is a lot of competition for jobs in wildlife photography.
C people are becoming less interested in wildlife.

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