FCE Listening Practice Test 2

Part 2

You will hear a man called Markus Fischer talking about mooncake, a traditional Asian bakery product. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.


Markus was staying in 9 when he first tried mooncake.
Markus’s favourite kind of mooncake has a filling made of 10 .
Markus says that he likes to have 11 with mooncake.
Mooncake is popular during the Moon Festival, which last year was held in 12 .
The mooncake Marcus was given during the festival had the shape of a 13 on the top.
Markus was surprised to learn that mooncake is rarely made 14 in China.
The people Markus was staying with received mooncake from their 15 .
His host family gave Markus a mooncake that had a slightly 16 flavour.
Markus was told that, many years ago, people used mooncakes to send 17 to each other.
After people had read what was written on the mooncake, they 18 it.

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