FCE Listening Practice Test 19

Part 4

You will hear a radio interview with a young tennis player, Alice Winters and her coach, Bruce Gray. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. What does Tanya say about her first job in children’s TV?
A She had contacted the TV company earlier.
B It was difficult to get used to the instructions.
C Her previous experience was useful.

25. What does Tanya say about Paul Broadly, her first boss?
A He thought of nothing but his work.
B It was difficult to work with him.
C He was unwilling to share ideas about the work.

26. What does Tanya say about her parachute jump?
A She wishes she had never done it.
B It resulted in unexpected attention.
C Her boss was cross about what happened.

27. What does Tanya say about her daughter’s flute playing?
A She knew that Maddy had talent.
B She saw that Maddy liked an audience.
C She wanted Maddy to practise more.

28. How does Tanya feel when her daughter sings in public?
A responsible for Maddy’s success
B worried that something will go wrong
C aware of how the audience feels

29. Tanya says that Maddy finds modelling difficult because
A she finds it exhausting.
B you have to cope with criticism.
C people don’t respect models.

30. What is Tanya’s attitude to fame in general?
A You should enjoy it while it lasts.
B You should try and ignore it.
C You should accept its drawbacks.

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