FCE Listening Practice Test 19

Part 2

You’ll hear a talk about a person who makes musical instruments for a living. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

Musical Instrument Maker

Richard’s first ambition was to be a 9 .
Richard makes organs which are used in 10 and churches worldwide.
It costs ? 11 to buy one of the organs which Richard makes.
According to Richard, personal 12 provide him with most of his overseas clients.
Richard says that he is involved in 13 organs, as well as building and selling them.
In terms of raw materials, only the 14 that Richard uses comes from Britain.
Richard’s new workshop will be in a building that was once used as a 15 .
Richard will have to work in a 16 as well as in his new workshop.
The only thing that Richard will have to pay for in his new workshop is the 17 .
The new workshop will be perfect for the instruments Richard makes because it is a 18 place.

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