FCE Listening Practice Test 18

Part 4

You will hear a radio interview with a young tennis player, Alice Winters and her coach, Bruce Gray. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. What does Bruce say about getting financial help?
A He is surprised by how hard it is to get any.
B He expects that they will get some soon.
C He thinks they can succeed without it.

25. What is Alice’s attitude towards training?
A She enjoys organising it herself.
B She wishes she had more time for other things.
C She sometimes finds it hard to make the effort.

26. What is Alice’s attitude towards her schoolwork?
A She is determined to do well in it.
B It is not the most important thing.
C She is confident of her ability.

27. How does Alice feel about competitions?
A The result is the most important thing.
B Losing weakens her confidence.
C She always expects to win.

28. According to Bruce, what makes Alice exceptional?
A her natural talent for the game
B the amount of effort she puts in
C the way she reacts to other players

29. How does Alice feel about becoming a professional player?
A She is looking forward to the glamorous lifestyle.
B She realises she may not be successful.
C She is worried about getting on with the other players.

30. How does Bruce describe Alice’s character?
A She’s a very sociable person.
B She tends to be rather moody.
C She is surprisingly mature.

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