FCE Listening Practice Test 18

Part 2

You’ll hear a talk about a model maker. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

The Model Maker

Before becoming a model maker, Peter did a course in 9 at a college.
Peter compares his job to the type of work done by a 10 .
In Peter’s hardest job, he was given some 11 of the building to work from.
Peter’s most enjoyable job was making a model of a 12 for an exhibition.
Most of Peter’s work is exported to and 13 .
Peter says his models look best when they have 14 directed onto them.
Peter’s model of Marney House measures 15 in height.
The Marney House model took a long time to make because it had so many 16 and roof tiles.
The roof tiles on the model of Marney House are made of 17 .
Peter uses watercolour paint to reproduce the effects of the weather and 18 .

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