FCE Listening Practice Test 17

Part 4

You will hear a girl called Tricia Simpkins talking at a public meeting about a plan to create a nature reserve in the centre of a large city. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. How did Tricia once feel about the countryside?
A She preferred it to the city.
B She paid no attention to it.
C She wanted others to experience it.

25. Why did Tricia take part in a wildlife survey?
A She was required to do it.
B She preferred it to being in school.
C She was asked to do it by her neighbours.

26. What does Tricia say about the results of the survey?
A They were unsatisfactory.
B They were confusing.
C They were unexpected.

27. What does Tricia say about the problems created by trees?
A People exaggerate them.
B People ignore them.
C People accept them.

28. According to Tricia, what is wrong with the trees the council is planting?
A They are expensive to replace.
B They fail to attract wildlife.
C They are too small for the area.

29. What used to happen in the wasteland at the end of Tricia’s street?
A Dog owners used to go there.
B People used to leave rubbish there.
C Children used to play there.

30. What is Tricia’s suggestion for the new nature reserve?
A to allow the planting of trees
B to protect it from visitors
C to let it go wild

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